Vote for Spratt for continued progress

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Constance Elliott

Many concur that when a government determines intervention is necessary in severe societal concerns, that government is merely doing what is expected of its elected members.
Our nation was in terrible shape when the present administration took over. The previous administration had dropped us into a cauldron of lies, miscalculations and downright brainless decisions – by starting a war without cause and showering preferential treatment and protection from regulation on big banks, big business, big oil, the big drug industry, big donors, etc.
Of course, all these intentional ploys and non-intentional governmental errors in judgment left our country with a massive deficit.
Our current congressional members have had to increase that deficit in order to begin to correct the mess that was left for them to fix.
The stimulus shored up the banks before they totally crashed us into a veritable depression.
Assistance to the auto industry and others was necessary to get them back on track to help with the job loss situation.
By the way, much of the stimulus money has been repaid.
Though many tasks have been accomplished, the task of recovery is far from over.
Hopefully, the next Congress will have added members to its ranks who will be open to dialogue.
The partnership of the present administration and a Democratic majority in Congress need to remain in control to continue addressing the creation of a strong job stimulus package, the reduction of our inherited and “added-to” deficit, the recovery of our still suffering economy, the preservation of the safety nets of Social Security and Medicare for our aging population, the continuance of or re-introduction to various areas that need oversight and regulation (financial Institutions, PACs, carbon emissions, toxic waste, poisoned aquifers, dependence on oil and other dangers to our citizens). Many of us appreciate the passage of long-needed reform of our health-care system (which has been a good start, but many health problem solutions remain to be addressed).
Soon the problems caused by the Supreme Court decision to consider huge business companies the same as legitimate citizens in the manner of political choices and donations will have to be addressed.
Our president and a Democratic Congress have the best chance to get things done.
It has been duly noted that we need a Democratic majority Congress to achieve anything.
Electing any of those who are told to “Just say no” to Congress would be a reintroduction and strengthening of the group primarily responsible for the country’s downward spiral.
In closing, those of us who realize the treasure we have in our own extraordinary Congressional representative know it is imperative that our U.S. Rep. John Spratt be re-elected.
It is a rarity to have a representative such as he, who is highly intelligent, totally honest, diligent in his response to a constituent who has a problem, adept at solving problems, great in his forbearance when untrue taunts and barbs are aimed at him and his record of service, staunch in his adherence to his code of honor and dedicated in his allegiance to a country and state he has long loved and served.

Constance Elliott
Indian Land