Vote Holt for ‘positive change’

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Indian Land voters in the newly created District 7 will have the opportunity next week to select their representative for Lancaster County Council.  Since no Democrat or independent candidate has filed for the newly created council seat, the winner of the Republican primary will almost certainly become our representative for the next four years. Regardless of your party affiliation (if you have one), you can request a Republican ballot on June 12.  It will not affect your ability to vote as you choose in future elections.  
We need a change in our council. It’s run like a good ole boy network, where too many decisions are made with a wink and a nod. We need a strong voice representing Indian Land on the council – a fiscal conservative who will protect your tax dollars and fight for appropriate land-use planning, zoning and quality-of-life issues for our area.
Prior to moving to South Carolina, I served six years as a municipal planning board member, three years as mayor and 12 years as a municipal council member. During my 30-year IBM career, I served as a business operations manager and a business development manager.  
I can bring the skills and experience to the role on the council and I will work aggressively to bring order to the chaos we currently have in our zoning ordinances and enforcement. We need strong representation, not another member of “the club.”
Vote for positive change. Vote for Jerry Holt for County Council.

Jerry Holt
Indian Land