Visit Washington during National Police Week

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By Sal Rao

I believe every law enforcement officer should visit Washington, D.C. during the week of May 15, which is National Police Week. This is the week that law enforcement officers honor their brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This is the week when all of the fallen officers’ families honor their loved ones each year in Washington, DC.

There are law enforcement officers from all over the country, and from other countries like England, Spain, Italy, Russia, Canada and Australia. Police officers come by the thousands to honor the fallen officers and to remember the families who have lost an officer.

We reunite with families of past years, and give comfort to those family members who are attending National Police Week for the first time.

When National Police Week is held, there is very little national news coverage about these events in our nation’s Capital. If we do not bring this important week to the attention of all citizens, our minion will be lost.

These officers should be honored as long as there is law enforcement in this country – “lest we forget!” Their families should never be forgotten because their pain never ends.

It is very important for agencies that have lost a police officer to stay in touch with the families of the fallen officers. Their grief does not stop when the funeral is over.

This is when they need you most. If there are young children affected, they would feel safe if they knew that their fallen parent’s fellow officers did not forget them. They need something to hold on to. The death of a parent often does not impact a child until five years after the event, at which time they begin to really feel the effects of that traumatic loss.

Law enforcement officers should always be mindful of the brotherhood that keeps the bond forever with each other.

Remember the week of May 15 and support a surviving family.

Sal Rao