USCL's Hubbard Hall to get $1M in upgrades next year

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By Jesef Williams

While one building on the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus is scheduled to receive renovations next year, it could be longer before another gets the improvements it needs. Hubbard Hall, which opened in 1965, will receive new lighting and a new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system next summer. The system has been in place ever since the 38,192 square foot building opened, USCL Dean Dr. John Catalano said. The new HVAC system will cost $1 million, Catalano said. Deferred maintenance appropriations from the state Legislature will pay for the upgrades. “We’re now in a (financial) position where we can do it,” Catalano said. “Hopefully by the end of next year, this will look like a new building.”Hubbard Hall, which houses classrooms and faculty offices, will be vacated for 10 days to complete the job. After that, it will get new paint and carpet, which should be finished by spring 2009. Problems with Bradley BuildingCatalano says the Bradley Arts and Sciences Building has experienced water leaks ever since it opened in 1999. At one point, the building leaked in 64 spots. Now the cupola is the only area that leaks. Within the next two months, a contractor will test the cupola to determine the interior damage. Catalano believes the exterior leaks will be fixed this year. But all the damages to the interior of the 63,592- square-foot building – such as the drywall, carpet and paint – will likely cost $1 million to repair. USCL would like to move forward with the repairs, but can’t until it has settled legal issues with the building’s architect, engineer, contractors and sub-contractors, Catalano said. Knutson Construction Services was the contractor for the Bradley Building, which cost $10.8 million to build. The building has classrooms, faculty offices, Bundy Auditorium and a multipurpose room for community events. They’re trying to determine who’s responsible for the leaks and, consequently, who should foot the bill for the repairs. It could possibly take another year before an agreement is reached, Catalano said. “We want it to look like new, but because of legal issues, we haven’t been able to do it,” Catalano said.

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