U.S. debt can no longer be sustained

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While Nik Bramblett’s letter to the editor, “Writer fasting to bring attention to budget cuts,” in the April 8 edition of The Lancaster News might be good for his health, it has little pertinence to the needed budget cuts or the Tea Party. 

It is not about starving people but of a debt so massive that it can no longer be sustained. You can fast all you want, but it will not pay for the social programs that are in place nor a debt that is increasing by more than a trillion dollars per year. The interest is billions per year. 

Welfare has been buried in many areas, including Social Security. We are spending more than $300 billion per year on illegals, while the current administration does nothing about it. 

The cost of Libya, where we don’t belong, is many millions per day. We now have unionized government employees’ total compensation approaching double that of the private sector, with thousands of non-essential jobs. 

And we are going to add another major burden on the taxpayer if we do not stop Obamacare and the thousands of new government employees it is creating.

Many of these issues may be tea party issues, but none of them are about starving United States citizens or making them homeless. Cutting excess government and the waste it has created would buy a lot of food and start to create much needed jobs in the private  sector. 

The massive debt has become such a harsh reality that it can no longer be avoided. As taxpayers, we sent a clear mandate to Congress, but it appears that Democrats still think they are not responsible to their constituents and think they can continue to pander for votes at our expense.


Nicholas Pasquine