United States is on the brink of obscurity

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Where are Washington and Lincoln? Our country sinks into obscurity while our leaders throw us crumbs.
Congress has forfeited their powers to the executive branch and is overloaded with self-centered narcissists who utilize their positions to enlarge their bank accounts, feed party lines and bask in personal power. They rush through bills without an iota of thought of what’s contained in them, compel the citizenship to obey and then exempt themselves – i.e. insider trading. Gerrymandering is used exclusively to keep them in office, for they are indispensable – at least in their minds. They have become the Roman Senate, useless in substance yet blind to the fact.
Our presidency has developed into a prize for one who can acquire enough capital and can convince enough zombies to believe in their party sound bites, i.e. “hope and change,” and “compassionate conservatism.” Morals, pride and leadership are qualities that have no place in the White House anymore.
Abuse of Constitutional powers is now the norm, while the country takes  a back seat to ideology. We have communists, bombers, Mao and Stalin lovers, destroyers of capitalism and a multitude of American haters in our current presidential administration. Obama disregards our Constitution and wants to mutate it into something resembling “1984.” Our president and first lady talk of wealth distribution as he goes and plays more than 90 rounds of golf in three years of office, and she jets off to foreign lands on the citizens’ pocketbooks.
Attorney General Eric Holder thinks everything this country does is racist – an outright contradiction since he holds this office. He says that it’s a burden on minorities to show identification when voting, but not one to buy cigarettes, liquor, get a job, etc. He cries racism “fast and furious” when his back-door sham of destroying our second amendment rights go astray, puts guns in the hands of drug lords and causes the death of at least one of our border agents. Black Panthers threatening whites at polling places is OK as long as the outcome is in the left’s favor, but protecting our borders is just about hating people of color.
The Supreme Court is not so supreme either. The judges sit in their opulence and pass judgment on bills they have no right to speak on. It’s states rights, not Supreme Court’s rights. It’s become a game of party favorites and is obvious when five-to-four decisions are handed down repeatedly from the temple. The liberal judges revert to foreign law to make decisions on our Constitution and are praised as thoughtful thinking from the anarchists on the left. Since when was our Constitution based overseas? The Republic is on the brink, yet the populace repeatedly send back the same gods to Olympus for us to serve.

Ronald Hopkins is a Lancaster
County resident.