Tucker prevails in Limited Late Model return to track

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Lancaster Super Speedway had an old feel in the air Saturday night, April 6, with the Limited Late Model Division back in action and packed grandstands and pits.

Five divisions with 75 cars total, and fans and drivers said it was like Lancaster Super Speedway back in the 1990s. LSS has brought back an old tradition, with the top three finishers in each main event interviewed on the front straightaway.

In the Limited Late Model main event, the front row had eventual winner Daniel Tucker and Mike Huey. This race marked the first time the Limited Late Model Division has been back to LSS since the 2010 season and on this night, the pits and stands were packed.

When the green flag fell, Tucker, Huey, Billy Lambert and Timbo Mangum roared into turn one, battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Tucker led over Huey. As the laps began to tick off, Tucker showed the power of his 81 machine and pulled away.

Back behind Tucker, the battle for second was between Huey, Yandle, Shaun Medlin and Richie Corley.

All eyes were on these four ace drivers, with Tucker in cruise control by now.

Huey began to pull away toward the end of the race, but Tucker took the win. Top 5: Tucker, Huey, Yandle, Corley and Medlin.

u In the Super Street main, the front row had Brandy Baker and Timbo Mangum.

Everybody knows the history of the rivalry between these two great drivers.

When the green fell, it was Brandy Baker, Mangum, Kevin Blackwell and Andrew Baker battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Brandy Baker roared to the lead over Mangum. As  the laps ticked off, Brandy Baker saw his lead grow as Mangum was in a battle with the other Baker.

During the later stages of the race, in turns one and two, Mangum got loose, allowing Andrew Baker to pass Mangum and overtake second, but on this night, “The Gambler,” Brandy Baker captured the win. Top 5: Brandy Baker, Andrew Baker, Timbo Mangum, Johnny Starkey and Joey Engelbrecht.

u In the 16-car main for the Crate Sportsman Division, the front row was Trey Tarlton and Travis Payne.

At the green, it was Tarlton, Payne, Brady Kirk and Kevin Blackwell battling for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Tarlton led over Payne, Blackwell and Andrew Baker.

As the laps started to tick off, Tarlton held the lead over Blackwell.

These two had a fierce battle going on for the lead, but the man on a mission would be seven-time winner Jeffrey McGuirt. McGuirt started 11th and worked his way up to the front in a hurry.

An early-race caution sent Hank Taylor to the rear, but the talented Taylor displayed his talent and worked his way up to the front.

Back up front, Blackwell and Tarlton were battling for the lead during the race’s middle stages.

The “Buford Bandit,” Kevin Blackwell passed Tarlton for the lead, but Tarlton was not about to give up on capturing his first career win at the half-mile speedway.

The race had numerous restarts from the mid-race to the later stages. On every restart, Tarlton would give a shove to Blackwell entering turn one.

This caused Blackwell to go up high, while Tarlton dove below Blackwell pulling even with Blackwell exiting turn two.

Roaring down the back straightaway, Blackwell pulled back by Tarlton. During the later stages of the race, McGuirt made the move of the night.

Now everybody has seen Late Models, from Supers all the way to Crates, do slide jobs on each other to take a position.

Nobody has ever seen a slide job from a Crate Sportsman car quite like McGuirt did Saturday night in turns one and two.

McGuirt was third entering turn one.

McGuirt dove below Blackwell and Tarlton, having his car almost completely sideways. McGuirt brought the fans to their feet on this move.

McGuirt nearly pulled in front of Blackwell exiting turn two. McGuirt then gave chase to Blackwell, but on this night the “Buford Bandit” won. Top 5: Blackwell, McGuirt, Taylor, Tarlton and Brandy Baker.

u In the Pure Street main, the front row was Robbie Helms and Ryan Whitaker.

When the green fell, it was Helms, Whitaker, Jesse Carson and David Price.

Exiting turn two, Helms led with a mirror full of Whitaker. Behind the leaders, the man on a mission was Josh Langley’s No. 7 car.

Langley started 11th, and on this night, sought his third win in a row at LSS.

As Helms started to pull away from Whitaker, all eyes were on Langley.

During the race’s middle stages, Langley overtook second and the fans rose to their feet, wondering if Langley had enough time to catch the No. 17 of Helms, who was dominating this race.

Langley slowly ate into the Helms’ lead, but on this night, with his daughters Marissa Helms and Ashley Taylor and granddaughter Jayden cheering him on from the beach, track veteran Helms took his first win of the 2013 season. Top 5: Helms, Langley, Whitaker, Mike Harrington and Jesse Carson.

u In the Extreme 4/FWD main, the front row for the 18-car field was Shorty Lacey and Mike Baucom.

When the green flag dropped, it was Lacey, Baucom, Brad “T-Bone” Hinson and David Laney all battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, it was a fierce battle for the lead between the top four drivers

As the laps ticked off, it was Lacey, Laney and Baucom still all over each other for the lead.

The man on a mission from the rear of the field was David “Pork Chop” Motes.

Motes blew an engine in hot laps, but left after hot laps to return to his house in Fort Mill.

He returned to the track in his back-up car and started in the rear.

Throughout the race Motes worked his way up to the front, even making it four wide coming out of turn four. At one point, he passed three cars at once. Back up front, the lead trio was still all over each other for the lead.

Laney gave Lacey a fit for first place, while Baucom was lying and waiting.

During the race’s late stages, Baucom made his move, but by this time Lacey pulled away to take his second straight win. The race featured all-out racing in the main event.

In the heat race, Harold Duncan took a scary flip in turns three and four, but Duncan came away from the scary ride OK. Top 5: Lacey, Baucom, Laney, Justin Laney and Motes.

u Saturday night, April 13 Lancaster Super Speedway will host six exciting division of racing, with NDRA Crate Late Models, Super Street, Crate Sportsman, Pure Street, Vintage and Extreme 4. Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., and at 4 for the pits. Admission is grandstands $12 and pits $20.

If you missed any of the racing action from last Saturday night, Jackie Sims will have DVDs for sale in the pits for $10. To learn more about Lancaster Super Speedway, visit the track website, www.lancastersuperspeedway.com, or visit the track facebook group page. To discuss on-track action, visit www.Dirtracefans.com.

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