The truth about Easter

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Most people now think that Easter is all about the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and bunnies. But it’s not.
Easter is all about the one and only Jesus Christ. Parents just aren’t teaching their kids about the true meaning of Easter anymore, but they need to. Easter is all about the day that Jesus rose out of the tomb where he spent three days and three nights.
God told him that he was to rise from that tomb, and like the noble Christian he was, he followed his father’s order.
I am only 12 years old, and I know the true story about Easter. It hurts me to know that my own little brother, Landon, doesn’t even know a lot about Jesus, let alone the truth about Easter. I want to make a difference.
Please if you are reading this I ask that you would help all of these kids, teenagers and, sadly, adults who don’t know the truth about Easter learn it all.
Believe me this will make a difference. A lot more people need God in their lives. This is just a small task that could help accomplish that goal.
If I, a 12-year-old girl, can learn it, so can all of these people who don’t know about the all-mighty God and His power to help the one and only Jesus Christ rise from a tomb on this special occasion.

Jacie Miller
Buford Middle School 6th grade