Tribute to 9/11 receives White House response

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I was raised in Lancaster and raised in the south. I became a musician at a young age, singing in church and playing in a school band. I am a writer, singer, producer and performer. Our band, Cleo White and the Identity Band, have played at numerous events, including for the Lancaster County Council of the Arts and at the Ballantyne Village. Band members include Larry Kelly, Evette Alexander and Iris Pringle.
I recently produced a single titled “You can’t stop America,” which was a tribute to 9/11. I sent a copy to President Barack Obama and received a cordial thank you from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
Here is the president and First Lady’s response:
Please accept our thanks for your thoughtful gift. We are moved by your generosity.
Your gesture serves as a reminder of the kindness of the American people, and we are grateful for your support of our shared vision for our nation’s future.
Thank you, for your gift. We wish you all the best. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Cleo White