Tree farm field tour Sept. 27

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Tree Talk, Joanna Angle

 Things are all a’bustle at Cedarleaf as we count down the days until Sept. 27 when we host the annual S.C. Tree Farm Field Tour.

“Field Days” are traditionally held at the current Tree Farm of the Year, and we have been busy preparing for our event over many months.

Our theme is “A Non-Traditional Approach to Tree Farming,” and we are very fortunate to have excellent presenters to speak at the tour stops which include:

  • Native warm season grasses and hedgerows – Nearly six acres of former Coastal Bermuda horse pasture have been converted to a field of native grasses with fruit and nut-producing trees. Learn why the USDA is recommending these practices and what steps are needed to accomplish and maintain them.
  • Pollinator plot – Here, almost three acres of pasture have been turned into a meadow of pollen- producing wildflowers and clover. Learn why it is becoming increasingly urgent to ensure pollination of the country’s gardens, orchards and farms and how you can provide habitat for beneficial insects.
  • Understory management – Controlling the hardwood understory in a pine stand can improve the rate of return for the landowner’s investment and also improve wildlife habitat. Learn ways you can control hardwood understory with the use of herbicides, the costs and benefits.
  • Agri-tourism – Across America many farmers are developing new revenue streams by joining the agri-tourism movement. Learn what is already being done in S.C. and how your property can simultaneously advocate for tree farming and generate income by hosting visitors.
  • Bamboo: While in the Southeast bamboo is often regarded as an invasive species, globally it is important for food, wildlife habitat, erosion control and an increasing number of manufactured items including apparel fabric, paper pulp and lumber for construction. Learn why there is a growing appreciation of bamboo as “the new wood.”

If you are a tree farmer, or are contemplating becoming one, please consider attending this day of celebration, education and fellowship. The cost is $20, which includes lunch. Attendance is limited to the first 125 registrants. To receive registration information, contact me at jangle@truvista.net or by phone at 377-8940.


 Joanna Angle is a Master Tree Farmer and 2012 South Carolina Tree Farmer of the Year. Her Cedarleaf Farm in Chester County is a Certified Stewardship Forest and part of the American Tree Farm System.