Today symbolizes our hope for future

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Easter is about hope – hope for ourselves, each other and the future. Today, Christians worldwide will celebrate that hope.
The parallel between Easter and hope is obvious. For followers of Jesus Christ, it was a hopeless period when their tortured leader drew his last breath on a crude cross and his body placed in a tomb. Some hid in fear as they mourned his death. There was doubt – even among the disciples who were with him everyday. Was Jesus’ message real? What’s next?
According to the scriptures, three days after being buried, Jesus rose from the tomb. He appeared before his disciples, even those who doubted.
His resurrection symbolizes hope and renewal. Who among us cannot benefit from the message of hope? Especially in these times. Bloody, deadly and senseless battles throughout the world. The wrath of Mother Nature. People struggling to survive in a sluggish economy. Corrupt leaders. The list is endless.
Today is the day set aside to celebrate the message of hope. Easter marks the end of Lent, which is a season of fasting, prayer and penance. The Lenten season began this year on Feb. 22, which was known as Ash Wednesday. This entire week is known as Holy Week, which was highlighted by Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
The message of hope also coincides with the rebirth of the earth as spring, which came early this year, takes shape with longer days and the awakening trees and flowers. The chirp of birds and chatter of squirrels resonate  overhead.
People observe the holiday in various ways – through special church worship and sunrise services, family get-togethers and, of course, Easter egg hunts. Today also ends a week long spring break for area students. Some have taken advantage of the break to go on well-deserved vacations.
We hope you have a chance to also enjoy this time of celebration, in whatever way you chose to do so. We encourage you to take some time today and reflect on the meaning of this season and consider its true meaning and its impact on your life.
Happy Easter.