Time to take deep breath, be grateful

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By W.B. Evans

Politicians are blasting each other, the financial wizards on Wall Street have goofed up, our Congress seems to be in disarray, our war in the Middle East continues, folks are cleaning up after storms and gasoline is in short supply.

Mother Nature has shown us her wrath, now she is giving us cooler days and painting the leaves in many hues. The days of mowing and back-breaking yard work are pretty much over until spring. She is giving us little reminders to plan for the winter. The persimmons are many, the scuppernong vines are loaded, apples and pears are ample and even the pecan trees are in the process of providing a good supply. The black snake I spied in my well house this morning is seeking a warm spot for the months ahead. It would be beneficial if we took her subtle hints to heart. Now, I have another reason to kick myself for not including a wood-burning fireplace in the last remodeling effort.

Let's just stop and take a moment to breathe in and let out a deep sigh. If you are religious, thank God for what you have and ask him to show compassion for those less fortunate. If your have no preference, just hope those religious folks get their prayers answered real soon.

W.B. Evans