Time to stop judging and work together

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I am writing in response to John P. Lage’s letter, “Liberals are destroying American,” in the Aug. 7 edition of The Lancaster News.
I beg to differ with Mr. Lage because it is we, ourselves, who are holding ourselves back. It is not for us to judge anyone.
In the end, God will do it. It’s in his word. You need to take time to read the Bible.
We, as a people, are not perfect. Jesus was the only man who walked this Earth who was and still is alive today.
It is time to stop finger-pointing and accusing because as you point one finger at Democrats/liberals there are three pointed back at yourself.
From what I understand, it was an atheist who fought to get prayers out of schools and public places. You can see who won. We need prayer like we need food for nourishment.
God’s words are food for the soul. This is the problem, man has pat himself on the back and sometimes forgets who created him.
When we put God first in our lives then everything else will fall into place.
Stop judging what the Democrats/liberals have done and look back at what the Republicans did when in office, also. Then weigh it out and never judge – this is not for us to do.
When will we finally get on one accord as a people because Adam and Eve were created by God and ours sins began with them? Where or when will it stop? It can stop with you and and me and all of mankind.
Finally, not just hearing his words but being doers. That means working together not against each other. We could accomplish a lot together.
There isn’t anything wrong with agreeing to disagree just don’t judge. It is not our job.

Christine M. Taylor