Time to stop the gravy train

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Recently, a young woman came into our business wanting to buy a car.
She wanted us to do the financing, so I asked some basic questions. She lived in Lancaster and I asked her where she worked. She said she didn’t work, but she got a $1,400 monthly check from the government.
I don’t think she noticed that my mouth dropped open when she said that. We were unable to help her with the financing because she didn’t have the deposit amount that was required.
After she left, I had a chance to think about what I had just experienced. Our government is giving this woman $350 a week not to work. This sounds like a good deal to me. But what does it say about the situation our government has created?
What incentive does this woman have to find employment or go back to school to better herself? She might receive checks for the next 20 years. What do you say to people who work all week and bring home $300 a week?
As taxpayers, we must stand up and demand something be done about this senseless gravy train. As I was writing this letter, there was a local news station showing a story about the government free phones. One woman had four free phones. We pay for these phones in our phone bills.
This act just shows that when the government gives away something, someone will take advantage of the system. Something is not right.

Mark Logan