Time for Spratt reality check

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By Jack Simpson

We need to take a reality check of the John Spratt Washington legacy. John Spratt voted for:

- Federal control over almost every facet of our lives with a full assault on our core values

- Failed incomprehensible bailouts

- Health care debacle which Spratt admitted he did not even read

- Cash for clunkers

- Wasteful, expensive and non-productive stimulus programs that have failed

- Cap and trade legislation

- Financial regulation

- Consumer protection

There is more lunacy on its way. Untold trillions of dollars in back-door legislation is being concocted by Nancy Pelosi and others just waiting to be rubber stamped by John Spratt, chairman of the budget committee. Mr. Spratt, where is the FY2011 budget? The new fiscal year begins today (Oct. 1, 2010.) Not sharing because it is ugly and due before the mid-terms?

This agenda has resulted in the highest level of federal government spending in the history of our country:  National debt of more than $13.6.trillion; national unemployment of nearly 10 percent; York County unemployment of 15.4 percent; and Lancaster County tops 16.2 percent at the end of August 2010. And this is the result? It is nothing short of pitiful.

Our grandchildren’s children will be saddled with this burden. And make no mistake, our taxes will be increased across the board as the course we are currently on is unsustainable. Lowering our tax burden would be the prudent thing to do to create jobs and private sector growth. But to sustain the voracious appetites of government, federal, state and local our taxes will increase in one form or another.

The debt and unemployment numbers are more dire when fully loaded with all of the off-balance sheet items such as underfunded government pensions and health-care benefits. And when those individuals who in despair have given up on trying to find a job are added into the unemployment numbers, the real unemployment rate is unfathomable.

Where is the job growth that was promised as a result of the agenda John Spratt supports 98.2 percent of the time? The answer is government growth. It is certainly not in the private sector. The only pro-growth policies in this agenda relate to government control and expansion. Is this the John Spratt agenda you voted for? I think not. This agenda is bankrupting our great republic. More than 70 percent of Americans say “Enough is enough.”

“Sack Spratt” signs are somewhat offensive to a few. So let’s just simply fire or retire him on Nov. 2, 2010. Pyromania or arson are not necessary. Casting your ballot in favor of ending this insanity will be just fine. This will be the day we begin to rebuild America following four years of failed liberal congressional control and then begin to finish the job by making President Barack Obama a one-term president.

John Spratt did not balance the federal budget. This is simply not true. It was a part of the Contract with America and the Financial Responsibility Act that was adopted during the Clinton administration when the conservatives held the majority in Congress.

The John Spratt story is a 28-year legacy of a career politician who abandoned his constituents many years ago in favor of Washington power-broker politics.

On Nov. 2, we need to go to voting booths and vote out the career politicians like John Spratt and the net result will be that on Nov. 3, Spratt, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, together with all of the other horse thieves and tax cheats, will be thrown out of office.

Jack Simpson is a Lancaster County