Time to get straight answers from Washington

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By golly I should have followed my Daddy’s advice about writing letters to a newspaper editor. “Son, when you write to a newspaper it’s sorta like leaving the chicken house gate open for the foxes to come a calling,” he said.

Recently, I expressed dismay with my Medicare which has been in effect for several years. Even following the advice of others, I use generic drugs whenever permitted by my physician. Currently, I don’t have a supplementary policy with any insurance or health-care provider. Simply because I had heard and read that such policies could be expensive and may or may not follow the intent of the plan. With all the wrangling and politics relating to Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, I have been sorta waiting to see if the dust settles and maybe somewhere a fella can get a straight answer.

So for the record, I experienced an increase in the cost of my generic drugs under the basic Medicare plan. I also incurred an increase in my co-pay when visiting my longtime family physician.

Lacking any knowledge to the contrary, something other than the cost of Mid-Eastern oil, must be responsible. I just assume that ACA was instrumental in the substantial increase in basic health-care costs across the board.

Critics should not assume I may have made poor choices in my selection of supplementary policies when in fact, I have no such policies in place.

This subject is one that will not be easily resolved until straight-forward information is forthcoming from Washington and not advocates of ACA, who inject their own opinions in their commentaries..