The time for civility is now

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By The Staff

It seems the good advice given to me by my father many years ago bears repeating in these contentious times. These were the precepts by which he lived.

1. If someone is not an immediate threat to you, never harm them intentionally nor hinder them in any way.

2. Don’t make negative judgments about another – you are not in their shoes and they do not have the same understanding of a situation as you. We, as individual humans, do not have the right to the competence to judge another.

3. If you are doing well in life and are on the ladder rising to an even better position, look behind you for the person who is struggling, marginalizing or forgotten and give them a helping hand up.

In recent days and months, we have observed brave souls who pressed on to deliver a beginning to health care reform – a reform that is desperately needed. Among these was our own representative – the Honorable John Spratt. Thank God for him and others.

By the way, my father was a solid member of the Republican Party (the party that existed before the 1990s). I am grateful that he is not here now to witness the pitiful state of that once proud and honorable Grand Old Party.

Constance K. Elliott

Fort Mill