Time to change animal abuse laws

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By Mary Reimers

Mr. Jensan Louis, were you amused at your own words and how good they sounded in your column "Anti-cockfighters seek to take away rights" in the Feb. 17 edition of The Lancaster News?

They may have sounded that way to you, but for some of us your words were like stepping back in time about 200 years or more. To a time when blood sports were the order of the day and there was money to made on the blood and suffering of innocent animals.

Today I'm glad to say that for the most part civilization has finally come to Lancaster County.

If there ever was a time and a place where a humane society and stricter animal abuse laws were needed it is now, it is here. Your letter was all the proof that should be needed for that.

You, sir, are a reflection of all that is bad and ugly and evil and negative in this world. I don't know who you are or where you live. I just pray to God you are not my neighbor.

Does it make you feel important and powerful when an animal one-quarter your size fights to the death at your whims?

Does it give you a rush when you see all that blood, or the ears chewed off, or the eyes pecked out or the lifeless bodies?

The laws of this county desperately need to be strengthened and made with some teeth in them.

How would you like to be put in a cage, chained up 24/7, left without water or food, out in the cold or in the blazing sun and made to fight to the death?

Mr. Jensan, there are no words printable that would let you know just how loathsome I find you and your whole mind set.

I hope that County Council members have read your letter and were appalled enough by it to do something about it.

We are waiting.

Mary Reimers