Time for Americans to take control

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By The Staff

Sometimes friendship can blind a person. It’s easy to pick out small contributions to an area by any congressman. However, any congressman who supports blindly the measures that President Barack Obama has put in place does not deserve to be re-elected.

I am not a TEA Party person or Republican. I am an Independent. I am also sick and tired of the debt that this president and Congress has buried us in. Between the handouts and the so called health care for all we are slowly being pushed into a socialistic state.

As President Obama’s college roommate said, Obama is following his college professor’s idea, that a government can push a country into a socialistic society by piling on the debt, freebies, giveaways and socializing medicine. Once these are piled on to the point of no return, the government has no choice but to go to a socialistic society.

The next step will be to make Puerto Rico a state because the Democrats would earn two Senate seats and five seats in Congress. This is why they want illegal aliens to all become citizens, they would gain most of the vote.

These giveaways, pork and freebies are putting our kids in debt forever. Like a government-supported cell phone. There is no way in the world I should be paying for anyone to have a cell phone. Or continue to extend unemployment forever. Look, I lost my source of employment, and then my house. So, I got off my duff, started an online company, and worked odd jobs until it got off the ground. Whatever happened to pride, to folks having some gumption? Work at a fast food place, picking up trash, cleaning houses, yard work, anything. There are some who need help, but we are creating a country of give me, give me, give me. And that type of country can only survive for so long.

I feel for John Spratt and his health condition, however, its time for a real change, and that goes for any side of the political spectrum. These people need to remember who they work for. And, if they don’t, they need to go. Term limits are an important part of these changes. If Congress members knew they only had four or eight years to get things done, maybe they would work a little harder to do the right thing, not line their own pockets.

Americans can start taking control of their country by take control of the government.

James Bradshaw