Thompson's column was 'racist affront' to our country

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By The Staff

I find Queen Thompson article, “Constant negativity, violence impact youth,” in the Sept. 19 edition to be nothing but a racist affront to the conservative white population, and this country.

She says that the black race in this country is marginalized.

How in the world do you come to that conclusion when the blacks in this country have their own caucus in Congress, news channels, schools, banks, companies, history month, etc.?

Their race has struggled forth to produce secretaries of state, the first black president, millionaires, CEOs, presidents of banks, corporations, sports stars, movie stars and one of the richest, and most idolized people in this country, Oprah. Marginalized? Give me a break.

She eradicates any responsibility for the violence by blacks by claiming, “Violence is endemic to the American way of life.” And this has simply been “acculturated” into the blacks, from the whites.

So, I guess all those black dictators in Africa, the genocide by the Hutu, on the Tutsi in Rwanda, Somalia pirates, blacks still selling their own into slavery all have been “acculturated” by America, too?

Let’s omit the fact that there is more black-on-white crime than the opposite in this country.

Yes, America is a violent nation especially when we killed each other by the hundreds of thousands to free the slaves.

She speaks of nihilism much, but fails to mention that it comes into play because the left degrades religion constantly, rages war to undercut the Ten Commandments, pushes unemotional sex, tells the minorities that America is an oppressive society to people of color and it’s useless to try to get ahead, teaches that the unborn life is disposable, and that truth, right and wrong are relative.

It’s also the liberals who control many colleges and high schools and teach nothing but their ideology, then turn out dumb sheep who hate America.

And what race votes Democrat 95 percent every election? But naturally, it’s no fault of their own.

Thompson talks of role models for blacks being depicted in a negative light. Who might she be talking about? Maybe it’s the pimp Snoop Dog, or the gangster 50 Cent. Maybe it’s the sports stars who pop out the multiple children with just as many women, or babymamas.

Or maybe it’s just the ordinary players who leave a trail of fatherless children and are viewed as someone to emulate by other blacks.

Maybe it’s the young black women who think “Ho” is a complement. Or maybe it’s Sharpton, Jackson, admirable folk, who sell racism 24/7 to keep their popularity and importance. Is it Farrakhan, or the New Black Panthers? They just want to kill all white people.

She rambles on of the influence of violent TV or video games, but not one single word of the influence of rap music. She succumbs to amnesia about the hate spewed forth by the 90 percent of black rappers.

How they sell violence, hate, loveless sex, rape, murder, all those good things we need to look forward to.

It takes a village to raise a child, she says. A line from Hillary Clinton. No it doesn’t.

It takes a family. Something despised by the feminists and torn asunder by them, and the left.

Lastly she says, “Most people stay at the periphery of the problem and only seek to inflame the situation with negative commentary.”

Alas, I agree.

Ronald Hopkins is a

Lancaster County resident.