There is a Democrat option on April 12

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April 12 is only a few weeks away and the voters of Lancaster County will be making a choice as to whom they want to represent them in the S.C. Senate District 16 seat. This Senate seat is important for several reasons, especially the redistricting of the state since the last census. The other is finding ways to make our state solvent with a responsible and moral budget. Our budget woes should not be solved on the backs of our elderly, disabled and less fortunate. These are only a couple of reasons to put right thinking and responsible people in these offices to represent us.
The Republican Party had a primary recently and they had a ticket that was loaded with candidates. As it turned out, Greg Gregory easily won the primary and will represent the Republican Party on the April 12 ballot. Now he will have competition from Stan Smith, a Libertarian from York County and Keith Brann, a candidate from the Democratic Party.
Let me tell you about Mr. Brann, as he is the Lancaster County Democratic Party candidate. He lives in Fort Mill, but has seen a lot of our great country. He has lived in Colorado and moved here from New Jersey. He has quite an extensive education background and has a number of degrees. His specialty is taxes. That is his vocation and he knows the tax systems of the state and federal governments. One of his goals is to tackle restructuring of our tax system in South Carolina. His goal is to make our system a better working system and to become solvent. Mr. Brann is also an advocate for our public schools. Along with seeking to make our budget solvent, he has ideas to better fund our schools and making them stronger. He sees our public schools and education as our strongest asset.
Mr. Brann is also an advocate for term limits. He doesn’t believe that it is in our best interest to have someone stay in office for a long time. His goal is to be elected by the people and accomplish some of his goals and then let someone else be elected with more new ideas.
So, there is an alternative to Mr. Gregory and Mr. Smith. We, the Lancaster County Democratic Party, feel that Mr. Brann is a very good choice. If you would like to know more about Mr. Brann and his ideas for good government, please check out his website. This site is www.BrannForSenate.org. You can also e-mail him at Brann.District16@gmail.com. You can contact him at 803.389.3807.
On April 12, let’s give Keith Brann our consideration when we cast that ballot. We think he is a worthy and capable choice for Lancaster County.

Lancaster County
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Gil Small