Tea Party patriots earn respect in S.C.

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I had the great privilege to be among many S.C. Tea Party patriots on Nov. 17. Many towns in this great state were represented, including Bluffton, Anderson, Lancaster, Rock Hill, Clover, Sumter and Columbia. We all gathered at the statehouse to witness the speaker of the House vote.
Transparency and fiscal responsibility were at stake. This was a true show of bravery and being tuned  in to what the citizens want. Four conservative Republican representatives – John King, Nathan Ballantine, Gary Simrill and Tommy Pope – voted for Ralph Norman. There has been talk on the Internet, via Tea Parties, across South Carolina for a while about this vote and the importance of having a truly conservative individual be elected.
Unfortunately, Mr. Norman did not get elected. However, he and those who voted for him did get even more respect from the people of South Carolina, especially the Tea Party patriots. His actions were a true testament to the kind of man he is.

Mary Atkinson