Taxes can be paid with credit card

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Carrie Helms

In the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office, we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service to the people who pay our bills, as part of my commitment to Put Taxpayers First in Lancaster County.
One recent change in how county treasurers conduct business is that many, including here in Lancaster County, now allow people to pay via credit cards. This allows you to make credit card payments for tax bills either in person, on the website, www.mylancastersctax.org or by calling 1 (888) 525-3661.
Please be aware there is a 2.25 percent convenience fee to process tax payments made with a credit card. All processing fees are collected by the service provider and do not go to the county.
If you process your payment by phone or the website, your payment information will not show up as having been paid in our office until the next business day. This means if you pay online or by phone on the day your taxes are due, your payment may not show up until the next day and you could face a late penalty.
If you are paying a vehicle renewal with your motor vehicle property taxes, your decal will be mailed from the DMV 7-10 business days after the record has been processed paid. The DMV does not accept online payment receipts for renewals, but we will be glad to send a copy of the paid receipt to the DMV, upon request, so you don’t have to go to both our office and the DMV office.
If you have questions, we’d like to hear from you. Please stop by our office at the County Administration Building downtown Lancasteror call us at (803) 285-7939. You can also get more information by looking up the treasurer’s website: www.mylancastersctax.org.

Carrie Helms is treasurer for Lancaster County.