Tax increases, substandard services not options

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I read about proposed tax increases and it appears that again government thinks that the Obama propaganda about the recesssion being over is true.  
Foreclosures continue, sales lag, home values continue to drop, unemployment remains very high as do oil prices and the federal debt ceiling has been hit.
Those who are working see wages frozen and/or hours cut, while seniors see their earned benefits frozen. Despite this we have governments plotting their next tax increases. Even if taxes increase by $50 to $100 per year that is less money that will go into the private sector to sustain or create jobs.
If commissioners think that there are issues that just can’t live without more money then the correct action in this environment is to cut something else or reduce payroll costs just as business must do when sales are flat or down.
I urge all to let their representatives know that tax increases and threats of substandard services are not options.

Nicholas Pasquine