Is tax cut on tax or insurance?

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As I write this letter to the editor, the liberal Democratic Party and President Barack Obama are trying to extend the payroll tax cut.
The thing they’re not informing you of is that this is not a tax cut. This money is going to you instead of going to the Social Security fund.
That’s right, the Social Security fund is being short-changed again. Obama is telling you it’s needed to boost the economy, yet this tax cut has been in effect for almost a year and it’s had zero effect.
It’s like the stimulus; it’s all a ruse. Not only has this created nothing in the job market, it has left the Social Security fund more than $100 billion short. It’s all smoke and mirrors by the left. They want you to believe the Republicans are bad guys and they are going against their word of not raising taxes.
You see, the conservatives are trying to extend the tax cut – a real tax cut – but not by taking it from Social Security and not adding to the debt.
If you look back, every time anyone has spoken of or tried to reform Social Security, the left has screamed bloody murder. They have stated that no one will touch it or they will pay a very high price. But for the past year, it’s been OK for the Democrats and Obama to raid it under the false pretense that it’s a tax cut.
The liberals have claimed – for decades – that it is not a tax, but an insurance program for retirees. Well, if it’s that, then how can they call it a tax cut? Which one is it – a tax or insurance?
Remember Obama’s “hope and change?” The only change I see is more cronyism, more corruption, more secrecy, more back-door deals, more playing of the race card and more passing the buck than in any other time in history.

Ronald Hopkins