Tax bills are coming soon

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The end of every September, the treasurer’s office mails out property tax bills for real estate (homes and commercial buildings) and personal property (boats, business furniture and equipment, manufacturing, etc).

While nobody likes getting a tax bill, it’s important that they are sent to the correct address. Having the correct address is the taxpayer’s responsibility, and that prevents you from having a late fee due to never receiving the bill.

The treasurer’s office mails the tax bill to the address on record with the county assessor’s office on real property, the auditor’s office or the S.C. Department of Revenue on personal property.

If you’ve moved recently, but still own the property for which you’ve been paying taxes, please make sure you have updated your mailing address. You can do this by calling the county assessor’s office at (803) 285-6964 and the auditor at (803) 285-7424.

The Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office is ready to help with your questions about your taxes or direct you to the office that can help you.

You can come by our office at the main county building in downtown Lancaster, 101 N. Main St., or call us at (803) 285-7939. You can also get more information by looking up the treasurer’s website at www.mylancatersctax.org.

Carrie Helms

Lancaster County