Talking turkey

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Kindergarten students share surefire gobbler recipes

By Greg Summers

If you haven’t found the perfect Thanksgiving turkey by now, don’t fret.                                                                                     


You still have plenty of time to enjoy another cup of coffee this morning, maybe more.

Just make sure you’re in the woods by 12:30 p.m. today, said Buford Elementary School kindergartner Jacob Pardue. After all, he said,  everyone knows that’s the prime time for bagging the perfect Thanksgiving gobbler.

“Yep, you gotta be out there at 12:30,” Jacob said, while stirring instant pudding and canned pumpkin together for pumpkin cups in Pam Fields’ class Nov. 18. “Then you gotta cook it for about 10 hours.”  

Kindergarten students at Buford Elementary have been busy in the last few days learning about the pilgrims, Native Americans and the Mayflower.

However, they are more mature than their years when it comes to holiday cooking.   

As a public service, they are stepping up to share their turkey cooking secrets just in time for Thanksgiving.

Now, if the tried and true method you use for cooking a turkey doesn’t have your guests pushing back from the dinner table in amazement, then maybe you should try some of these foolproof tips.

“A 6-pound turkey is big enough feed all your uncles, aunts, paw-paws, grandmas and cousins,” said Luis Martinez, a student in Diane Doss’ kindergarten class.

“It will be about this big,” he said, while lowering one hand to the floor and raising the other one above his head. “It will feed a lot of people.”  

Finding the turkey is the easy part, said Cody Gordon. The real work starts once you get home and have to clean it. Cody said it’s OK to use scissors to remove the feathers, but a knife works best.

“And it needs to be a big one,” Gordon said. “You should plan on that taking about three hours.”

After the feathers are off, it can be cleaned by dipping the bird into the pond. But if you’re pondless, there is another way to get around it, said Stephen Snuffer.

A future multi-tasker, Stephen has come up with a novel way to do two things at once.

“When you take a shower, you can just put the turkey in with you,” Stephen said.

Avery Plyler, however, isn’t sold on that cleaning method.

“Just wash it in water,” Avery said.

When all the prep work is done, you’re ready for the baking.

“You put the oven on the hot temperature,” said Viktorya Burr. “It’ll beep when it’s ready.”

Cooking time varies, based on size, but it will take somewhere between three minutes and 10 hours,  which means this may be a long night.

Evie Darminio said her mom “kills and bakes” their Thanksgiving turkey in a little more than five hours.

“And you can watch TV while it’s cookin’,” she said. “Sponge Bob and ‘Wow! Wow!, Wubbzy’ are my favorites.”

While the turkey gets top billing, the perfect Thanksgiving meal includes chicken nuggets, green beans, mashed potatoes, bananas, broccoli. carrots, peas, banana pie, green Jello, strawberries, strawberry cake, ham, cupcakes, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream.

“Don’t forget about that purple and red Jello stuff, either,” Cody said.