Take time to thank volunteer firefighters

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By The Staff

Have you ever stopped to think about the volunteer firefighters in our county? Actually, I haven’t either. Recently I had an opportunity to get involved with Station 16, Riverside Volunteer Fire Department, and found there was a whole lot more to being a volunteer than I ever thought.

These guys give of their time away from their families, sleep when called during the night and money for gas and other miscellaneous things that go along with volunteering.

I was invited to attend a chief’s meeting in May. I was astonished at the training, education and experience that is mandatory to be involved with any of the volunteer fire departments in our county. These guys are trained as first responders, and on how to put out a structure, auto or grass fire. Who knew you can’t put water on all fires? I know that many times they are called out during the night when someone has chest pain, shortness of breath or any injury. The one thing that united all the departments there at the meeting was their passion to help their fellow man.

They were serious about their jobs and sincere in making sure all members of their individual departments were trained, educated and informed.

The next time you see a wreck, house fire, grass fire or hear of someone having chest pains during the night in the county, remember these men or women who show up, usually first, are volunteers from your community volunteer fire department.

You also probably didn’t know that the better trained they are the lower rate you get on your homeowners insurance.

There is a reason they ask which fire district you are in. If the fire department has a great rating you stand a chance on getting a lower rate on your premium.

Next time you see a member of your community volunteer fire department tell him or her thanks even if they have not ever done anything for you, because there is always a chance one day they will.

Lisa Roddey