Take a look at how much S.C. spends on Medicaid

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I am confused. The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare was promoted to help cover an estimated 30 million Americans without health insurance. Depending upon which source you accept, roughly 2.2 million people have signed up for health insurance.

If you add the 5 million people whose policies were canceled because of Obamacare, the total uninsured is 35 million – plus or minus the 2 million who have signed up.

Maybe I am not able to “cipher” as well as most, but it seems to me we have more uninsured now than before Obamacare went into effect.

The article “S.C. should expand its Medicaid” (written by Ralph and Bonnie Lawrance and published in the Jan. 17 edition of The Lancaster News) was written perhaps to insult the legislators into joining the Medicare Expansion Program by claiming “many of the state legislators apparently don’t care about its citizenry. We are not sure what they care about, maybe their own small-minded beliefs.”

I know Sen. Gregory Gregory and saying he doesn’t care about his constituents is patently false. May I suggest tolerance for opposing opinions?

You might be surprised by the actual dollars spent on Medicaid and appropriated by the same legislators in South Carolina.

Take a look at the following: https://www.scdhhs.gov/sites/de


Angelo Sciulli