Suspects linked to 12 burglaries

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Sheriff says more cases could be linked to four

By Chris Sardelli

Four suspects arrested earlier this month have been linked to 12 burglaries throughout the county, though the list could grow.
Less than two weeks after deputies arrested and charged four Lancaster residents in connection with October’s burglary spree, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has released a list of when and where the quartet’s crimes took place.
The list of 12 burglaries occurred over a 21-day period. Each of the burglaries was committed during the first three days of the work week. The highest number of burglaries, five, was committed during a two-day spree between Oct. 26 and 27.
As a result of the investigation, Leon Newman, 21, of 3075 Northwest Apartments; Yasika Patterson, 25, of 1010 Gladys Marie Drive; and Raymond Gainer, Jr., 25, of 3202 Lynwood Drive, have each been charged with two counts of first-degree burglary and 10 counts of second-degree burglary.
Hallien Newman, 23, of 3075 Northwest Apartments, has been charged with one count of first-degree and one count of second-degree burglary.
Sheriff Barry Faile said his office waited to release a list of addresses until the investigation had progressed, though he said the list is not yet complete.
“We’ll probably end up adding more burglaries to that list,” Faile said. “I’m sure we’ll solve more cases as we go on.”
Fairfield County authorities are also investigating these suspects in connection with an arson and several burglaries in Fairfield County.
Following is a list of dates and locations of the burglaries the four suspects have been charged in:
• Oct. 6 – 3783 J.B. Denton Road
• Oct. 12 – 1632 Frobe Drive
• Oct. 13 – 672 West Doc Garris Road
• Oct. 18 – 3853 Major Evans Road
•  Oct. 18 – 3418 Hoke Road
• Oct. 19 – 2108 Old Camden Highway
• Oct. 19 – 6246 Oak Hill Church Road
• Oct. 26 – 2361 Decole Road
• Oct. 26 – 8765 Stacy Howie Road
• Oct. 26 – 637 Ravenwood Drive
• Oct. 27 –1641 University Park Drive
• Oct. 27 – 429 Community Lane

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