Support Pringle in effort to help the homeless

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By The Staff

Over the summer there has been plenty of talk about new developments, both residential and industrial. A big thanks of appreciation is due to city and county councils for their strong leadership efforts and progress.

I am sure that both councils are on edge and very stressed because of the atrocious act of the courthouse burning. But our leaders must continue to lead on because there are other issues to be dealt with. One is the homeless situation. James Pringle has a plan that he wants to implement that will assist those who have fallen upon hard times.

No one is perfect. Homelessness is a world-wide epidemic that can’t be categorized as a good- or bad-person ordeal. Homeless situations are growing by large numbers. And from that evolution many other bad situations may be derived – addictions, mental illness, HIV, violent acts, prison, deaths and concern about higher taxes.

Mr. Pringle will have his hands full, but he is the man who will put his whole heart into striving to help others. He is a survivor. Survivors become true leaders like those who lead our city and county.

I encourage you to give Mr. Pringle some support because he has strong positive desires. Someone had desires to build Sun City, but couldn’t do it alone.

I am sure Mr. Pringle will succeed if he has the right people in his corner.

Timothy “Troop” Blair