Support our local businesses today

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By The Staff

We want to remind you to go out and visit your local businesses today. In our Sunday edition we told you about a collaborative effort between The Lancaster News and local businesses to present “Spend $20 on 20th” campaign.

The newspaper offered local businesses – many who cannot afford newspaper advertising – special rates of $20 to advertise for this one-day event. Advertisers, in return, advertise a special product for $20 to customers.

As we stated in Sunday’s editorial, this is no revenue-making venture for the newspaper, far from it. But, we want to do our part to help stimulate the economy and maybe generate some goodwill for our local businesses.

The readers’ comments on the Spend $20 on 20th story on our Web site, thelancasternews.com, run the gamut. Some readers are angry – angry about job losses, increasing taxes and utilities costs and a dim employment outlook. We understand the anger. We understand the bitterness.

It is easier to focus on the negative instead of the positive. Don’t get us wrong. We are not trying to be Pollyanna. The reality is what it is. But instead of taking jabs at each other, it’s important that we work together to get through this stagnant economy.

That is the only way to get through these tough times – by working together.

“The small business owner is at the mercy of the times,” one reader wrote. “We are trying to make a living and support a family like everyone else.

“All we ask is to shop local, keep the money flowing local and build up Lancaster so we can create new jobs. Please understand, it is a circle, no jobs means no money, no money means no jobs. There is not much, if anything, you can get out of town that you can’t get in town. Let’s break the circle and keep it local.”

It is a given that consumers will be the ones who jump-start our economy.

Twenty dollars is not a lot of money. But think what it could mean collectively. Think about the positive impact on our businesses and our local economy.

Read the special section showing what the advertisers are offering in today’s paper. Then go out and visit these businesses. Meet the owners and have a conversation with them. Show your support in their effort to make it.

We’ll be there. We hope you will, too.