Summers takes first Picks crown

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Sports Talks

By Robert Howey



Earlier this week, Greg Summers handed me a photo and asked if I had seen his new mug shot.

To my surprise it was a squirrel wearing sunglasses and holding a peanut.

If you know Summers, better known as Greg “Boys of Summers in the Lancaster News Pigskin Picks, then you could follow the drift.

Summers, with his success, often says even a blind squirrel can find an acorn at times. Well in this case, the squirrel must have been scampering in the area of a football field and found a nice nut which possibly slipped from a fan’s grasp.

Bottom line is that Summers, in 15 seasons on the panel, won the annual Pigskin Picks title for 2012, his first.

The Picks, one of the more popular reads in The Lancaster News, is featured each Friday starting with the county’s first high school football game. It continues until we have no area teams playing in the playoffs, or with the annual Carolina-Clemson game.

The 2012 Picks were history late Monday night when the Panthers downed the Eagles to wrap up the season.

Summers didn’t have his best week, going 14-6, but it gave him a 205-75 record for the season and the title by five games over two-time defending Picks champ Chris “Cross” Lucas.

Summers’ reward is, of course, a weekend stay at the fabled Taxahaw Inn. Since Summers is an eastern Lancaster County resident, he should have less trouble finding the old TI as he did taking the crown.

“Yes, I want that suite Chris Lucas had,” said Summers, as he tried to hold his pride. “I mean the one with the special NASCAR hook-up to get the latest on racing.”

For those who don’t know, Summers, like Lucas, is a big NASCAR fan, with a special link to the Jeff Burton fan base.

“With all that talk Greg did about Burton, maybe he can get him to join him for a glass of lemonade and a slice of pie during his Taxahaw Inn stay,” Lucas said.

“Sounds like a plan and I’ll be sure to wear my Burton T-shirt,” Summers boasted. “I don’t know what kind of pie it will be, but it won’t be humble.”

Those humbled this season are the aforementioned Lucas, 200-80; yours truly, 199-81; Ernie “Big” Rowell, 195-85; Jesef “J-Dub” Williams, 188-92; Chris “C-Sar” Sardelli, 185-95; and the guest, 175-105.

The final guest this season definitely saved his best for last as USC Lancaster Dean Dr. John Catalano went a stunning 19-1. That’s a rare feat for the guest, but quite a last-ditch effort.

To all those who served as a guest this season, we’re grateful, and of course, we appreciate our loyal readers who follow along and, in some cases, pick along with us.

With the Pigskin Picks season now in the books for another season, we can turn our attention to winter sports. Be sure to get out and support those athletes of the hoops, mats and cheers.

Then, there’s that special season which begins Sunday – Advent, or the Christmas season. Take some time to spend it with family and friends. I’m sure it will give you a special feeling, something close to winning the Picks.