Students reason for Rambler's success

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Rambler Day, one of the highlights of the Lancaster High School academic year, is met with much anticipation each spring.
The LHS school term is well-chronicled in the yearbook and students always look forward to its arrival on Rambler Day.
The 2010 Rambler, as it turns out, is extra special.
The Lancaster High School annual was recently chosen as the best yearbook in the state by the S.C. Scholastic Press Association.
The Rambler also won the Palmetto Award for finishing tops in Class III, its division.
The Rambler’s latest honor wasn’t a huge surprised because the book has earned elite recognition before.
Rambler adviser Richard Gay noted the yearbook has now been honored five times before.
“It says a lot about these kids,” Gay said. “They work very hard. They do most of the work.”
The yearbook staff features between 40 and 50 students each year, split between classes each semester. Students who have journalism in their freshman year are eligible to work with the yearbook their final three years at the school.
The book sports an annual theme, with an ampersand as the theme for the 2010 edition.
An ampersand is a logogram representing the conjunction “and.” The symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for “and.”
LHS senior Katherine Lalla, who was the Rambler’s co-managing editor last year, noted the theme.
She said the idea was for people to realize how closely two areas are related, such as “student life & academics” and “sports and organizations.”
Ampersands are prominent throughout the LHS yearbook and the book’s binding also features the symbol.
Lalla said the award is a result of much work, which went into the award-winning publication.
“It’s really nice to know we can come together to produce something,” Lalla said. “A lot of people don’t realize how much goes into a yearbook. It takes a lot of effort.”
Work has already begun on the 2011 Rambler and junior Andrew Ferguson, a first-year member of the staff, is confident the next publication can have similar success.
“I think this book this year will be a lot better than the last,” he said.
“It’s going to be exciting,” Ferguson said.
As they say, tradition never graduates and past publications are a blue-ribbon blueprint to follow. At LHS, you can yearly book on that.