Student bombs at bomb threat

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By Reece Murphy

 Reece Murphy


A 15-year-old alternative school student is facing legal trouble after she allegedly threw a tantrum and threatened school officials.

According to the Lancaster Police Department incident report, the Feb. 3 teen’s meltdown began shortly before 10:20 a.m. when a Barr Street Learning Center teacher tried to get the girl to do her classwork.

After several attempts, the teen became argumentative, the report said, then “made the statement that she was going to bring a bomb to school and blow the school up.”

With that the teacher pulled the girl from the class and took her to the principal’s office, where she became even more argumentative when the principal asked her about her statement. 

“I said a lot of things yesterday because I had a bad day,” the school resource officer quoted the teen as saying.

The report went on to say the teen became increasingly aggressive and insisted she didn’t say she was going to bring a bomb, but only that she “wished the school would blow up.” 

Upon hearing the statement, and in keeping with school protocol, the principal directed the officer to press charges against the student. 

The report said the girl was taken to another room, where she allegedly continued to act hostile toward the teacher and other staff members by “standing up and staring and yelling at the teacher,” and acting “disrespectful toward school staff.”

School officials suspended the girl, pending an expulsion hearing by the school district.

The officer filed a juvenile petition with the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice for “conveying false information regarding attempted use of a destructive device” and two charges of threatening the lives of public officials.


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