Story doesn’t reflect effort to change precinct

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The recent  article regarding the Belair 1 voting location change did not accurately detail the community effort to achieve that goal.
Suffice to say, the article was under-researched and relied upon the biased information of a single, uninformed Sun City resident.
I do agree with one aspect of the article – the Department of Justice and the Lancaster Voter Registration staff did not effectively communicate between themselves to alert the community about the voting location change.
This unfortunate situation was being addressed by multiple residents, public voting officials and politicians, not just a single resident.
The process to change the voting location had its genesis with the last presidential election. As you may recall, all residents had to wait outside in the cold an inordinate amount of time to vote. In addition, the technology/operating procedures available then were not responsive to community needs.
The goal of the location change was to enhance the voting process for the whole community. It is significant to note, the modification was not worked on or completed in a surreptitiousness manner by anyone and the research included multiple considerations for non-Sun City residents as well. Each meeting to discuss the relocation included a segment that focused on non-Sun-City-resident voter impact by such a change, voter patterns, type of election, transportation, etc.
To state that the process was done in secret is totally incorrect. Employing the dates of your article disproves the aforementioned secrecy point.
Briefly, in January, Sen. Greg Gregory introduced the voting change bill. Gov. Nikki Haley signed the bill in May. In August, the S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson submitted the bill to the DOJ.
Public notice was posted on Sept. 7, and, finally, the unfortunate communication issues. It must be stressed that during the preceding time frames, multiple meetings were held between various community members, voting officials, politicians, Wentworth Management and Pulte.
In addition, Sen. Gregory spoke before community meetings with about 300 Sun City residents participating. Wentworth Management had meetings with the Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) and the presidents of all the Sun City Clubs. The RAC and the presidents’ meetings represent thousands of Sun City residents. Votes were taken during these sessions to approve the change.
The voting change was also discussed on the unofficial resident community blog, as well as the informal community POD resident grapevine. So, to state that a process with such a discussion venue was completed in secrecy makes no sense. I do not understand how a person who is deemed even remotely “active” could not have some knowledge of the process.  
It is significant to note that both Democrats and Republicans are working together to improve the community voting process.
Both political parties will be providing bipartisan communication and transportation to any Sun City resident who cannot drive to the Lake House. Also, provisions have been made for voters to wait while seated in the Lake House (space appropriate) to vote. Non-Sun City residents will be the beneficiaries of additional signage to direct these voters to the polling station, a warm seating area to wait until their voting time and be assisted by welcoming volunteers.
In addition, the voting process will be enhanced from a technology perspective by employing additional voting machines and linked laptops to facilitate the overall endeavor.
I believe that your under-researched article based upon the biased views of a single resident diminished the wonderful work of a large number of community residents.

Lancaster resident Robert W. Kowalski lives in Sun City Carolina Lakes.