Starnes a tough act to follow in Kershaw

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Kershaw Town Council has a major task ahead.
The council is in the process of finding a new town administrator with the resignation of Kershaw Town Administrator Tony Starnes.
Starnes, after careful consideration, said he made his decision to resign a few weeks ago.
Starnes’ announcement was stunning to Kershaw Mayor Wayne Rhodes, who was assured by Starnes he was just ready to “move on.”
Starnes, 62, said he might want to do something else or just spend quality time with his family.
One can hardly blame him since he’s worked with the public for more than 30 years.
Starnes, who worked 25 years as a Springs Industries executive, has served as Kershaw town administrator since 2003.
Since that time, Starnes has provided quality leadership and stability in guiding the town through some major projects.
He’s brought stability to the Kershaw Golf Club, when the course underwent a major expansion to draw more players at one time. There’s more with the completion of  a streetscape beautification project and the construction of a new town hall.
Those improvements can only enhance Kershaw’s appeal for years to come.
Those are just a few of his major accomplishments, but his leadership has been a plus for the town.
“He’s made the town run smooth,” Rhodes said. “He’s made things a lot easier.”
Starnes said he’s grateful for the chance to serve the town, calling the experience “great.”
“I think we’ve accomplished a lot of things since I’ve been here – and that’s with the help of the councils.
“We’ve done a lot of good things and I’m sure progress will continue to be made,” Starnes said.
Rhodes said he hopes to take advantage of Starnes’ experience before he leaves.
Plans call for Starnes to be involved in the hiring process and assist with the budget for 2012-13.
Kershaw town officials and the council are wise to take advantage of Starnes’ expertise before he leaves April 30.
After he leaves, they should keep him as a blueprint to follow. He will be a tough act to follow, but a good example to try to pursue.