Stable country will be bring about economic progress

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Winston Smith

I am very sad at the level political discourse has fallen to in our area and especially in the U.S. House District 5 race. The York County Democratic chairman slanders our Democratic County Council chairman Rudy Carter. Not one local Democrat comes to his defense.  
Rudy and I have never agreed on every issue. What I have found is a person who I know will do what he tells me he will do.
The Lancaster News also did an in depth story on the Edenmoor issue which cleared Mick Mulvaney of any wrongdoing. I guess if you do not like the truth, you try to shoot the messenger.   
A man from out of town comes here and calls Rudy a liar. What happens?
Chairman Rudy Carter has character. He has not made a public statement about this defamation. He is just  too classy to  wallow in the mud with.
The Lancaster County Democratic chairman remains silent on the attack on his County Council chairman and ignores the issue. Instead he writes a letter complaining about how last week’s forum was not fair to John Spratt.
First: The forum has been a standing event for many years. Spratt knew about it in plenty of time to arrange his schedule to be there if it was truly important to him. Where was he that was more important than being in Lancaster? Certainly not in Washington supporting stable tax rates.
Second: Rules for the debate were published ahead of time. I read them in this paper. It seems sad to complain after the fact about the rules of the game. The Liberal play book is to ignore or change the rules whenever they are inconvenient. If they cannot be ignored, then change them during the game.  
This is the problem with our economy. Would you play a ball game if the other team made the rules up as they go along? A business owner today is faced with that very situation.
A business will not invest when he or she knows the rules are subject to change at the whim of Congress or some bureaucrat.
Americans are the smartest most energetic most productive people on earth.
We can play ball in anyone’s court, by their rules and win, as long as the rules stay the same.
Help rebuild our country by voting for stability. That will bring economic progress.

Winston Smith
Chairman of Lancaster County Republican Party