Spratt's campaign represents his philosophy

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By Nelson Thompson

I read in The Lancaster News that U.S. Rep. John Spratt criticized Mick Mulvaney because Mr. Mulvaney voted against the S.C. Senate in spending money it did not have.

I can understand why Mr. Spratt might find this action by Mr. Mulvaney offensive.  After all, Mr. Spratt seems to vote for every spending bill Nancy Pelosi puts in front of him whether the U.S. government has the money or not.

Maybe Mr. Spratt’s campaign signs truly represent his spending philosophy, spend, spend, spend, whether we have the money or not.

Unfortunately, in the long run, we, the taxpayers, will pay for decades to come because of Mr. Spratt’s habit of doing whatever Nancy Polosi tells him to do.


Nelson Thompson

Indian Land