Spratt has turned ads over to Washington experts

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By The Staff

Someone asked me several months ago would John Spratt get ugly in the Congressional campaign. I assured him that the John Spratt I knew was too much a gentleman and too principled to stoop to smear campaigns.

After seeing his ad, aired in the Charlotte media market, attacking Mick Mulvaney on Lancaster County’s Edenmoor Development, I need to apologize to that man and correct the misinformation I’d left.

The ad, while totally unjustified, is brutal. The scenes are every subdivision homeowner’s worst nightmare.

The only problem: It is not a Mulvaney development. The Mulvaney Group sold that property in 2005, according to Chris Sardelli, reporter for The Lancaster News in a March 2010 article.

The new owner changed the original development concept through rezoning and then went into bankruptcy when the housing bubble burst.

The owners abandoned all their contractual obligations; leaving the broken pavement and overgrown concrete scenes that John Spratt’s attack ad filmed and incorrectly attributed to Mick Mulvaney.

The facts were established in 2008 and repeated in the March 2010 article, long before the ad was filmed. As sobering as this thought is, John obviously has also handed his campaign ads over to Washington experts.

What is ironic is that the Edenmoor Development is a stark reminder of a failed Democratic program that John Spratt has supported.  

Fellow Democrats Chris Dodd and Barney Franks, with John Spratt’s support, passed legislation that literally forced banks to give mortgages to unqualified buyers. That, as we all know, drove up property values and was a major contributor to the housing bubble.

That bubble burst, leaving thousands of bankrupt developments like Edenmoor.

Peggy Upchurch

Lake Wylie