Spratt has lost sight of people's needs

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By The Staff

Joblessness continues to rise in South Carolina while U.S. Rep. John Spratt votes 98.2 percent with the Washington cartel: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama.

From July to August, joblessness rose from a terrible 10.7 percent to a horrific 11 percent. Unemployment was 4.6 percent when Mr. Spratt and his party took control of Congress in January 2007.  The Dow was 12,621.

Last month, the private sector, which pays the taxes that Mr. Spratt loves to spend, just lost another 2,200 jobs in South Carolina.

As employment tanked, Mr. Spratt ignored the priorities of his people who needed jobs. His votes went elsewhere, not for us.  His votes were not cast for legislation that could enhance job growth in South Carolina. Mr. Spratt claims that during his 28 years in Congress he has brought many jobs to South Carolina. Fine.

Now, Mr. Spratt, what exactly have you done for us lately? While we needed your focus on legislation that would cause businesses to hire us, you voted to spend more than a trillion dollars to save the big banks, the poorly managed big carmakers, and costly and restrictive health care.

It cost us more than $7 million for each of the precious few jobs you saved in the stimulus package. Remember, it was one of your cronies, Barney Frank, who contributed to the financial disaster when he took over the House Financial Services Committee in 2007.

If you are not voting to fix the problems at home, you’re contributing to them. Families are torn because of stresses over long-time job loss.

Stress-induced disorders run rampant among your jobless people. The debt you and the Washington cartel created causes a lifetime of debt for our children and grandchildren.

Mr. Spratt has supported so much spending that we fear that our national security is at increasing risk. We owe more money to China than could possibly be healthy.

Mr. Spratt, we can’t live on your past. It doesn’t put bread on our tables today. You were a good representative once upon a time. But you have lost sight of the needs of South Carolinians and have aligned your needs with others. Thanks for the past, but now we need a future.

Your actions just hurt too much and for too long. Just come home, take your fat retirement. The top of your game is gone.


Jeff Faucette

Indian Land