Spratt has become Pelosi disciple

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By The Staff

Since the 2006 congressional elections when the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, it is abundantly clear that Congressman John Spratt has become a disciple of Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-control spending.

Not one time since Pelosi became Speaker of the House has Mr. Spratt stood up and opposed Ms. Pelosi and her radically left wing agenda for America.

Just as recently, Mr. Spratt again did as he was told and voted for the $410 billion Omnibus spending bill for the remainder of 2009 that contained more than 8,000 pork barrel earmarks, totaling almost $8 billion. Mr. Spratt evidently feels that providing funding for such things as tattoo removal for California gang members, swine odor and manure management, research for stable flies, Mormon crickets and honey bees, as well as how to grow more asparagus is of vital interest to the United States.  However, none of the noted earmarks has or will have any direct benefit to Mr. Spratt’s district or the state of South Carolina.

In terms of the recently passed $787 billion so called stimulus bill, Mr. Spratt also voted as he was told by Ms. Pelosi, even though neither he nor any other member of the House was given time to fully read and digest the more than 1,100 pages contained in the legislation. He did however, vote against a Republican-based bill that would have cost half as much and created more tangible jobs.

As chairman of the House Budget committee I would hope and quite frankly expect that Mr. Spratt would be outraged over the fact that President Barack Obama is projecting a $1.7 trillion deficit for this year. Instead, Mr. Spratt could only conjure up the typical talking points of “the spending is needed to jump start the economy” and “it’s all Bush’s fault.” Maybe Mr. Spratt hasn’t done the math, but a $1.7 trillion deficit equates to $6,000 of additional debt for each and every one of the 305 million citizens of the United States.

Unfortunately the only way that we as citizens of Mr. Spratt’s congressional district can hold him accountable is at the ballot box, which I most assuredly will do in 2010.

Jerry Ranson

Fort Mill