South Carolina needs Spratt

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By The Staff

Who is the Republican running against U.S. Rep. John Spratt this fall?

I can’t determine if the candidate is the new state senator from Lancaster County or someone from the national GOP.

It seems like every quote from his campaign is not from the candidate, but from some hack in Washington.

This begs the question, “Who needs a puppet from the Republican National Committee representing South Carolina’s 5th District?”

The GOP has made a number of salacious, misleading and downright false statements about Congressman Spratt.

However, the candidate always claims to have had no advance knowledge of the statements and does not condemn the comments. Furthermore, the Republican candidate says he wants a campaign focused on issues. So far all we have heard are broad euphemisms like “reduce spending” and “less government.”

He offers no clue about where he stands on the issues important to South Carolinians.

The voters need to know what the GOP candidate is for, not just what he is against. Maybe we will find out his stand when the hacks in D.C. give him the party line.

At this time, South Carolinians especially need a representative who can think for himself.

We need John Spratt.

Robert L. John

Indian Land