Society focuses on art

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By Jesef Williams

Black and white sketches, water painting and abstract photographs comprised some of the art work Lancaster High School students displayed Monday night.

As family members and others looked at the art, the students talked about how good it is to know that more people in the community will be able to see their work.

Twenty-one students at Lancaster High were inducted into the National Art Honor Society Monday. The ceremony and reception was held inside the Bradley Building at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

Members of the society hold discussions about various art topics, explore options after school, visit art institutes and hold functions for their work to be displayed.

Inductions are held annually.

"We get to do a lot of extracurricular stuff and do things outside Lancaster," said senior Madison Wright, who looks forward to taking trips to art museums and institutes.

The students will soon begin working on a mural that will appear on a wall next a staircase at Lancaster High. The mural will have a water theme, as it will start underwater at the lower part and rise to the shore level at the top.

Austin Strickland, a junior, said drawing is a way for him to unwind and communicate what's on his mind. He said belonging to the arts society allows him to share his work with more people.

"We have some really gifted and talented students at Lancaster High School, and we wanted to share that with this community," said Teresa Fields, an art teacher and one of the sponsors of the society.

College connection

Monday's induction ceremony was different from those in previous years because USCL art students were a part of the function.

Dianne Mahaffee, who teachers two art classes at USCL, required her students to each write a visual analysis of the high schoolers' work.

"I wanted them to see art on the high school level and how it develops," said Mahaffee, who also teachers at Lancaster High. "We have to be lifelong learners and art is something you can do all your life. Even if you're not practicing art, you can be appreciative of it."

New inductees

The new inductees are Lauren Adams, Jennifer Aubrey, Danielle Blackmon, Kylie Campo, Kathine Flowers, Shanta Hoover, Elizabeth Jeffers, Amber Krimminger, Carley Mackey, Nathan Miles, Sara Newton, Melanie Overcash, Brittany Pierce, Brandon Sanders, Brett Sitte, Sarah Sladek, Loni Stalls, Austin Strickland, Shenna Taylor, Tabitha Turner and Madison Wright.


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