Smith letter: Retired SLED official supports Sheriff Faile

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By way of introduction, I am a retired assistant director with the S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and I have known Sheriff Barry Faile for about 30 years, having met him early in our careers. I knew then, that with his work ethic, he was going places. I was so pleased when he ran for sheriff and am even happier to see that he has offered to run for re-election.

Sheriff Faile has never run from tough issues and has been tenacious in his efforts to rid Lancaster County of drugs and other crimes. He and I worked drugs in the early years of our careers and I always looked up to Barry for the great job he did. He always approached the investigations the same way, regardless of the social status of the offender.

Through the years, several former sheriffs recognized Barry’s hard work and accomplishments by promoting him up through the ranks in preparation for the day he would rise to the position he holds today. We all knew he had what it took to be sheriff, but his superiors had the ability to put him in various positions to prove to him that he was the right person for the job. Sheriff Faile is a fair-minded person, who demands professionalism of himself and his staff. During his tenure as sheriff, he has done all of the right things. I think Sheriff Faile does an excellent job.

If I lived in Lancaster County, I would vote for the re-election of Barry Faile as sheriff, but since I do not live there, I wanted everyone to know how I feel. I have friends in Lancaster and I hope you feel as I do and support the re-election of Barry Faile for sheriff. He has done a great job and is a true professional and friend, but his work is not completed yet.

Steven A. Smith