Sistare honest, trustworthy, civic-minded

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By The Staff

During these difficult economic times, it is good to see concerned and qualified people running for Lancaster County Council. I have known Kathy Sistare for many years and know her to be honest, trustworthy and to have strong community spirit.

As a registered nurse, she has demonstrated her compassion for her fellow citizens.

As a personnel and office manager at Palmetto-Tri County Internal Medicine, she has demonstrated her ability to efficiently and fairly handle personnel and financial matters. She has been very involved in community services including the Red Cross where she is on the board and has served as the chairperson.

Kathy has a good understanding of the demographics of the county. With the major changes in the Indian Land area, County Council needs to have cognizance of the shifting population base of the county. County Council also has to be aware and diligent in striving to bring more jobs to this county. Kathy’s business background will be very valuable in working to attract jobs for the county.

In working in our Lancaster and Indian Land offices she has had opportunities to engage business leaders throughout the county. As a grandmother of school-age children, and with her medical background, she is well aware of the value of a good education system and a good health care system. To attract well paying jobs the county education system and health care system must be optimized. Kathy is a person who has the abilities to work with the other members of the County Council, business leaders, health and education leaders as well as state and national politicians to improve the lives of the citizens of Lancaster County.

Dr. F. Michael Kimbrell