Show respect for those who died at Buford battle site

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By The Staff

I, like many people around Lancaster, are descendants of men who helped bury the dead at the Buford battle site. At that time, it was called Wild Cat.

In one book on Andrew Jackson, he mentioned two men, a Carnes and an Usher. There had to be many more to be able to dig two graves, one large with more than 80 men in it, and a smaller one with at least 29.

There will be a commemoration service on the 228th anniversary of the battle at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Buford battle site. At times there are more people in the program than there are attending the service. Several people come from other towns, such as Bennettsville.

These Virginian soldiers came to help our ancestors and died in a land as foreign to them as Anzio Beach, Italy, was to my brother, Joe David, in World War II, and to many others in other places.

I hope Lancaster’s residents will come and show respect for these young men, as well as their ancestors, who were forced to dig graves and bury them.

Emily C. Franklin