Shovel, or guitar, man gets chased by homeowner with one

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By Reece Murphy

 Reece Murphy


Alcohol appears to have been involved when a Lancaster man reported Jan. 23, that he was chased by someone armed with a shovel and a gun.

According to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the mother of the 23-year-old called deputies about 2:30 a.m. that day and asked them to meet her son at the Comporium Communications office at the intersection of Great Falls Highway and Airport Road.

The woman said her son called her from there after being chased down Great Falls Highway and shot at by a man with a shovel.

At Comporium, the man told deputies he was “hanging with a new female friend” he had just met, (and whose name he didn’t know) when his woman drove him to a nearby Great Falls Highway home and told him to briefly wait in the car while she ran inside.

The man told deputies after waiting for about an hour, he went to the back of the house, entered a patio door and tried to climb through a window.

The man said he got halfway through when an “unknown guy” chased him out of the house with a shovel and started shooting at him as he ran away.

“(The man) told (deputy Walter) Webster he did not know who the guy was,” the report said. “He was just hanging with a friend he just met and probably shouldn’t have got into the car with them.”

The report said the deputies went to the house to talk with the resident. 

They also searched the property for spent shell casings to support the man’s claims, but none were found.

The 37-year-old homeowner said the man was at his house, but he’d never seen him until he climbed through his window. The homeowner said he thought the man was a burglar, so he grabbed him by the throat and put him in a headlock.

According to the homeowner, the two briefly struggled, until the man got loose and ran for the door, which is when he picked up a guitar – not a shovel – and chased the man off his property.

Deputies returned to the Comporium office parking lot where they read the man his Miranda rights and asked him to tell them once more what happened. The man stuck to his story, which still culminated with him being chased from the house, by a man with a shovel who fired shots at him with a pistol as he ran away.

After additional questioning, the man remembered his female friend’s name and deputies went back to the house to ask her what had happened.

At first, the woman told deputies she couldn’t remember how the man got into her car “because they’d been drinking.” 

She conceded it was possible he had accompanied her to the Great Falls Road home.

The report said the woman then remembered inviting the man to come over and “hang out.”

A deputy then told the resident the man couldn’t be charged for burglary and returned to Comporium to speak with the man.

By that time, the victim decided he didn’t want to talk to deputies anymore and just wanted to go home.”

The report said deputies then released him without charges just before 4 a.m. that day and returned to patrol.


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