Shooting an example of government dissatisfaction

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W.B. Evans

The shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona is the latest episode of an individual’s dissatisfaction with government. The media, able to produce an analyst at the sound of a shot, is quick to label the cause, be it the president, a former governor or White House wannabe down to the guy at the convenience store who raises the price of regular gasoline because some oil company executive needs to sweeten his bottom line.
Americans are one angry bunch of folks. Successful people praise the American Dream for getting them where they want to be. Unfortunately, the American Dream only offers folks the opportunity to seek success, not to mandatorily award it to everyone.
It boils down to someone has to haul off the garbage and it sure ain’t the fella riding in the back seat of the Rolls Royce. An old military saying sorta sums up a lot of our problems, “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” As soon as I wrote that, I had concerns that I may be attacked by some Native Americans for my comments.
Many younger Americans are wary of government old age pensions and medical benefits because the programs may go bust before they become eligible.
As a senior citizen myself, for more than 40 years I saw portions of my income being taken away for old folks. At the time, I didn’t feel old. When I finally became eligible for some benefits, I still get docked more than $200 a month for Medicare.
Yes, us old folks do get sorta peeved when the receptionist gives us a smirk when we declare we don’t have additional private insurance. Golly, you reckon folks will ever have enough? Maybe buried somewhere in the Obamacare plan is the answer or another obstacle.
As retired seniors, we ask  young, employed Americans to realize that invariably they, too, will age. Rest assured, no employment is ever guaranteed and fully funded, nor are company retirement plans designed to meet each employee’s needs.

W.B. Evans