Shawn deserves silver medal

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By Linda Meetze Lucas

I was fortunate enough to be watching the Olympics when Shawn Crawford was running in the final 200-meter race and was disappointed when he didn’t place for a medal.

Then low and behold, he was moved to second place after his fellow American runner and a Netherlands runner were disqualified for stepping out of their lanes.

The Charlotte Observer quoted Crawford as saying he didn’t deserve the silver medal and that he didn’t cross the line in second place. He said the medal was given to him, not earned.

It was very humble of him to feel that way, and I admire his response. But, Shawn, you do deserve the silver medal. You did earn the silver medal.

This race was no different than when an American runner lost because she hit a hurdle.

Staying within your lane takes concentration. That concentration cuts into a runner’s finish time.

The runners who were disqualified broke the rules and lost.

You followed the rules and won a silver medal in the same race as the world’s fastest runner.

You earned your medal. You deserve it.

Your hometown is proud of you.